At the begginning of 2013, Myself & Young blood Steen Jones, decided to collaborate on a large-scale
‘Year of the Snake’ themed mural to commemorate the 2013 Chinese Zodiac.
Serpents are one of the oldest mythological symbols, quite often used to depict duality, life-cycles & wisdom, which has made them a interesting recent subject for me to explore.
Referencing these elements of the coiled snake, duality and the ‘sacred garden’ we came up with a composition of hands reaching through flora in attempt grasp and take control of a multi-headed snake. For me this was also reflective of the (2013) year ahead, opportunity & excitement with a great deal of risk!

The actual location of this wall has been somewhat hidden in back-street factory carpark, in the suburb of Northcote, Melbourne. I’ve always liked the idea of pieces being seen by those willing to search or randomly stumble across. So to see this wall in person, you’ll have to do some hunting!

Melissa-Findley-SJXMeggs-Northcote-31 Melissa-Findley-SJXMeggs-Northcote-2 Melissa-Findley-SJXMeggs-Northcote-22 Melissa-Findley-SJXMeggs-Northcote-9 Melissa-Findley-SJXMeggs-Northcote-4 Melissa-Findley-SJXMeggs-Northcote-8 Melissa-Findley-SJXMeggs-Northcote-6 Melissa-Findley-SJXMeggs-Northcote-28 Melissa-Findley-SJXMeggs-Northcote-27 Melissa-Findley-SJXMeggs-Northcote-21 Melissa-Findley-SJXMeggs-Northcote-30 Melissa-Findley-SJXMeggs-Northcote-35 Melissa-Findley-SJXMeggs-Northcote-15 Melissa-Findley-SJXMeggs-Northcote-37