In July (2013) I partnered with Good Hood and not-for-profit food rescue organisation, FareShare on a mural for Australia’s largest charity kitchen.

The mural, Meggs’ most significant solo undertaking to date, took over ten days to complete. The artwork splices Meggs’ technically layered aesthetic with his animated pop cultural bravura and was a response to FareShare CEO, Marcus Godinho’s brief to encapsulate – in a non literal representation – the energy, responsiveness and innovative nature of how the organisation operates.

“Working with FareShare was a really positive experience for me” said Meggs. “Knowing that not only was I creating one of the largest solo murals I have ever completed, but also helping to beautify and promote such a worthy organisation for such positive, generous people was an incredible feeling. As a street/mural artist we spend a lot of unpaid hours creating our work for the community, so it was awesome to partner with people doing the same thing, but in a different way.”


FareShare is an innovative, energetic organisation, fighting hunger and food waste by rescuing surplus food and delivering it to people in need.

Since 2001 FareShare has given away healthy, nutritious meals to the hungry and the homeless in Victoria, Australia, using food donated by businesses. By ‘rescuing’ food, FareShare saves food that would otherwise end up as landfill, helping cut methane pollution and reducing demand for new food products.

In 2013 alone, FareShare has recued 470 tonnes of food and given away 1,105,926 meals to those in need. In May, FareShare moved into Australia’s largest charity kitchen significantly increasing their capacity for growth within the sector.

View the Meggs x FareShare x GoodHood Video Here.

Meggs Paints FareShare from Good Hood on Vimeo.


Thanks to GoodHood & MTN Australia for sponsoring the project.

Photography by Meggs & Nella Red (aka @p1xels) / More images on the HouseofMeggs Portfolio Gallery here.








The second chapter in my current US travels, following the ‘Arch Angels’ show in SF’ in August,
was ‘Forest for the Trees NW‘ in Portland.

Forest for the Trees NW is a ‘first of its kind’ mural project in Portland OR, put together by artist Gage Hamilton and Matt of Hellion Gallery, as somewhat of an extension to the burgeoning ‘Pow Wow Hawaii’ Mural Festival. Read more about FFTTNW here.

Portland itself is a hub of creativity and home to a lot of talented artists, artisans and craftspeople with a progressive view and keen interest in experimentation, mixed medias and natural resources. Unfortunately though, due to mural-permit requirements/laws the public art scene has so far not reflected the creativity already happening in this city. So Gage and Matt (from Hellion) worked hard to bring a talented set of artists to the city and secure 10+ walls for a week long party/mural fest.

Myself and good friend Kamea Hadar painted a big wall in SE Portland titled ‘Arch Angel’, which is both a reference to my recent exhibition and Kameas powerful portraiture work.
The (approx) 100×20 ft mural, titled ‘Arch Angel’ reflects both my recent solo show and Kamea’s powerful portraiture work; using a composition that could stretch the full width of the space. As a homage to Portland we kept to a trailblazers colour palette and included Roses & tattoos – all things very identifiably P-town!
We were stoked that so many locals came by during the process and felt the mural really represented them and their town!

Also had extra time to Jam with Gage Hamilton on a quick Skull piece on the side of the Jolly Roger Dive Bar, opposite the main mural!

I personally loved Portland and had a great time painting, partying and hanging with the artists involved and talented and friendly local crew we met along the way.
So thanks again to Gage, Matt (Hellion Gallery), Ezra (Case of Bass), all the artists, local crew & friends, the Jolly Roger for their hospitality and support.

Thanks also to Studio 3 Photography for the wall and the photographic and video documentation below:

Studio 3 Mural Timelapse from Forest for the Trees on Vimeo.









On August 17 my latest solo show, Arch:Angels, opened at WhiteWalls Gallery in San Francisco.
Thanks to all who came through to show their support opening night, and to the gallery crew for hustling hard with me during install to make this show possible. TLTV for life!

Arch:Angels is part exploration, part celebration and part personal release about the roles of both individual and the state in the currently uncertain social climate and economy of both America & Australia. This new body of work, produced during Meggs’ (currently un-official) relocation from his home-town of Melbourne (Australia) to the West Coast of America, continues his exploration and fascination with the role of super powers, heroes and duality.

“During the time of creating this work I have been dealing with a lot of questions about place relocation, the pros vs cons and the inevitable issues that one faces whilst dealing with beauracracy like Immigration. It raises questions of borders, security and place in general, having to consider when change is necessary and where this change might lead you. It’s an interesting time in social trend where both American & Australian policy and politics and border security is under crises and scrutiny. Interestingly its also a time when pop-culture fascination with the role of heroes, particularly that of classic comic book super heroes is on the rise. Citizenship and security is designed to protect us, but at what point is that too inhibitive of our creative freedom and experiences.”

Part reference to fictional mythological and pop-culture heroism, part reference to current social climate, Arch:Angels implies an ideological fall from grace and looming worldwide shifts of power & state. The idea of the hero, especially the inner torment they face, has always been an underlying inspiration and theme in Meggs’ work. Along with exploring the ideals of traditional morals and gender roles in mythology and pop-culture. “This body of work is a very literal reaction for me to everything thats been on my mind these past few months and directly references my comic book influences and exploring identity issues.”

In Arch:Angels Meggs re-interprets, re-mixes and collages several of his favourite comic book frames and heroic characters, juxtaposing them with classically emotive gestures and iconic symbols such as circles, hands and roses. Both as a homage and nostalgic obsession to the archetypes and artwork which has inspired Meggs since Childhood, when his fascination with the role of masculinity and heroes began in the pages of Phantom comics, superhero cartoons and 1980’s sci-fi fiction. Creating a mixture of solid forms and painterly abstraction, iconic heros, depicted in moments of vulnerability or distress, Meggs creates dramatic composition, dynamic textures which imply both aggressive movement & passive emotion. A continual visual search for that dial balance in life of order vs chaos.


Photography below courtesy of Derek Macario, Randy & Whitewalls Gallery.
Black & white photography by Barrett Moore:
www.bmoorephoto.tumblr.com / www.barrettmoorephotography.com

Meggs-1.jpgmeggs 18.jpgMeggs-WW-IMG_0484.jpg




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