Rising Up, Back on the Street_Dustin BuckleyWhat Goes Up_Dustin Buckleymeggs-lifes-ups-and-downs-46x46-1xrun-01No Place for a Hero:Reclaimed Youth_Dustin BuckleyMan Who Cannot Die:Too Close for Comfort_Dustin Buckleymeggs-torn-up-17.5x17.5-1xrun-01meggs-torn-down-17.5x17.5-1xrun-01meggs-spoiled-rotten-meggsy-31.5x31.5-1xrun-email-600meggs-small-canvas-01-28x28-1xrun-01meggs-in-bloom-V-17.5x17.5-1xrun-email-600meggs-in-bloom-I-17.5x17.5-1xrun-email-600meggs-spoiled-rotten-large-13x31.5-1xrun-01meggs-spoiled-rotten-large-13x31.5-1xrun-02meggs-spoiled-rotten-large-13x31.5-1xrun-04meggs-spoiled-rotten-small-3.5x11-1xrun-email-02-600

Here are a few shots of my completed works for Spoiled Rotten, which opened last Friday night at Inner State Gallery in Detroit. I am extremely proud of this body of work, which was inspired and created during my 5 week residency in Detroit. This city continues to spark creative energy within me and I am stoked to have the opportunity to return in a few weeks to paint a big ass wall! For a complete catalogue of my pieces, please check out 1xRun.

I am headed to DC in a few days for a show at Emerge Art Fair… if you’re in the area, come by and say what’s up!

Photography by Dustin Buckley.

IMG_7326UntitledArt-exhibition-of-MEGGS-in-Detroit-06-640x360meggs-spoiled-rotten-exhibition-recap-2meggs-spoiled-rotten-exhibition-recap-6FLOWERSmeggs-spoiled-rotten-exhibition-recap-1targettarget 2iPhoto Librarymeggs-spoiled-rotten-exhibition-recap-315164712568_9648919524_z15348086951_6724a3ff26_zchatgroup

It was a super successful opening night and I am so grateful for all the love and support I’ve received since arriving in Detroit. My paintball installation was a highlight of the night, and it ended up looking even cooler than expected. Thank you to all the 1xRun and Inner State Gallery homies who helped make this a great success!

Photos courtesy of Mike Popso, Sal Rodriguez, and Miya Tsukazaki.


The opening for my solo show ‘Spoiled Rotten’ opens this Friday, September 19 from 6 – 10 pm at Inner State Gallery. I wanted to give a big THANK YOU to the guys at Inner State and 1xRun, who have been working with me around the clock to make it all happen. It’s a big production and I couldn’t have done it without the amazing support I’ve had since I arrived in Detroit. If you’re in town this Friday, stop by, say hello, and check out my installation where you can ‘take a shot’ and win a print. The alcohol is optional, but you have to play to win. Come down and have some fun, House of Meggs style!

Photos by Miya Tsukazaki.


Here is another sneak peek, as we are now a week away from the big show and I am on the grind 24/7. This show encompasses my admiration for this special city and I am so thankful to have been able to come here and continuously be inspired during my residency. All of the art for ‘Spoiled Rotten’ was created here in Detroit and it’s been a lot of hard work, but also a one-of-a-kind experience. I want to give a shout out and say thanks to all the guys at 1xRun and Inner State Gallery, who have been animals in helping me pull everything together. Stay tuned for the big event, taking place next Friday, September 19.

Photos by Miya Tsukazaki.