The long-awaited Richmond Mural Project Video is now online! Check it:

Richmond Mural Project 2014
Video by Jordan Ahern

10 Muralists. 2 Weeks. 20+ Murals throughout the City of Richmond

For mural photos & info on the event click here!

Art Whino returns to Richmond, VA for the third installment of the Richmond Mural Project. After completing 48 murals during the last edition of the mural project, Art Whino will work with eight to twelve of the top muralists from around the world to curate another round of murals. Last year brought an incredible amount of press coverage and the murals made it on top lists such as Buzzfeed, which ranked the Etam Cru mural #3 Best Street art in the world of 2013. Bringing Richmond a sampling of the great variety of mural work worldwide, just as in past years, the selection of artists will feature a dynamic range of styles and subject matter which creates a unique experience for visitors, providing a glimpse into a worldwide movement in one city. The creation of another 20 murals this year will bring the number to over 68 throughout the city, further establishing the Richmond Mural Project. This edition will continue to build Richmond’s reputation as a go to destination for murals that incite exploration of the city through weekend visits that result in the discovery of the city Richmond itself, with its neighborhoods, businesses, and culture, as visitors hunt for the next mural.