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It was a very successful opening at Thinkspace Gallery’s ‘Beyond Eden’ event at the LA Municipal Art Gallery. Many thanks to all of my friends that came from near and far to see the show. Stay tuned for more exciting projects on the horizon for my ‘Paving Paradise’ series.

Special thanks to Brandon Shigeta for the photos.

Meggs-Life in Shell


I am really happy to announce the launch of my new series ‘Paving Paradise,’ which centers around the duality of human relationships with the natural environment and the man-made, constructed environment. It questions our effect on the planet’s rapidly diminishing natural resources, and where our values lie as living beings on this planet. The artworks represent the notion that industry and development are approaching a point of no return. By producing too much in terms of development, technology, and material goods, I hope to convey that humanity is losing fundamental connections with its natural surroundings and resources, thus losing connections with each other. Overall, this collection references this troubling trade-off.

Special thanks to the team at Thinkspace Gallery, who made this launch possible and my partner Miya Tsukazaki, who contributed significantly to the sculptural element of this series… photos coming soon!