‘Life is Growth’ Mural and ‘From the Ground Up Round 2’ Hand Painted Multiples to Launch 1xRun’s Murals in the Market Festival


My ‘Life is Growth’ mural in Eastern Market, Detroit was the inaugural mural to launch 1xRun X Eastern Market Corporation’s Murals in the Market festival that will take place from Sept. 17 – 25, 2015. This piece represents the hands of labor and the community unity which is fundamental to the role Eastern Market has played in Detroit’s history (it is the oldest farmer’s market in America!). My mural also represents the positive impact and social hub that the market can now provide for the city’s future. Special thanks to my family at 1xRun and Inner State Gallery!


Following my mural in Eastern Market, I created these multiples with the flower motif to represent the growth and production within the market itself. The image of the split wildflower represents both the existing decay and the burgeoning regrowth of the city of Detroit. These wildflowers, now prolific, sprawl throughout empty lots across the city in places where houses and buildings used to exist. It is a recognizable symbol of growth within the void.
This edition of 30 multiples are individually hand painted and screen printed by myself and 1xRun’s Master Printer, Jonny Alexander, in the basement of 1xRun’s warehouse. Each multiple was made using discarded wood panels that I found while scavenging through the remains of Detroit’s infamous Eastown Theatre when I was there for my residency in the fall of 2014.
Pick up your multiple here!