I travelled to Miami during Art Basel to paint 1 solo Mural & 2 collaborative murals in both Downtown & Wynwood areas. As well as paint live during the Huge ‘Basel Castle’ outdoors Music festival.

The first mural titled ‘Lone Wolf’ is somewhat of a self-portrait; depicting a character in pensive/passive pose contrasted with that of a wolf. The piece reflects my own feelings of duality and the nature of artistic practice being half humble, half aggressive/assertive instinct. It also references the survival instinct and loneliness that is felt by those caught in the struggle of survival in the streets of a city of Miami, which was particularly evident in this murals location in Downtown Miami. The process of painting this wall and interacting with the locals reminded me how those who live on the streets potentially develop more of a relationship with the street-art that surrounds them then most. For them th art is not just in the streets but in their homes and their minds everyday.

The second and third walls were collaborative pieces with my Everfresh brothers Rone & Reka and then a fun large scale full colour texture bomb with Rone and good buddy Madsteez. Was a crazy busy week for Art Basel 2013, but I had a great time, hit up some good wall, met some good new friends, all in all a worthwhile trip!