‘Forest for the Trees NW’
Portland OR, August 2013.

Forest for the Trees NW is a ‘first of its kind’ mural project in Portland OR, put together by artist Gage Hamilton and Matt of Hellion Gallery, as somewhat of an extension to the burgeoning ‘Pow Wow Hawaii’ Mural Festival. Read more about FFTTNW here.

Myself and good friend Kamea Hadar collaborated on a big wall in SE Portland titled ‘Arch Angel’, which is both a reference to my recent exhibition and Kameas powerful portraiture work.
The (approx) 100×20 ft mural, titled ‘Arch Angel’ reflects both my recent solo show and Kamea’s powerful portraiture work; using a composition that could stretch the full width of the space. As a homage to Portland we kept to a trailblazers colour palette and included Roses & tattoos – all things very identifiably P-town!
We were stoked that so many locals came by during the process and felt the mural really represented them and their town!

Portland itself is a hub of creativity and home to a lot of talented artists, artisans and craftspeople with a progressive view and keen interest in experimentation, mixed medias and natural resources. Unfortunately though, due to mural-permit requirements/laws the public art scene has so far not reflected the creativity already happening in this city. So Gage and Matt (from Hellion) worked hard to bring a talented set of artists to the city and secure 10+ walls for a week long party/mural fest.

I personally loved Portland and had a great time painting, partying and hanging with the artists involved and talented and friendly local crew we met along the way.
So thanks again to Gage, Matt (Hellion Gallery), Ezra (Case of Bass), all the artists, local crew & friends, the Jolly Roger for their hospitality and support.

Thanks also to Studio 3 Photography for the wall and the photographic and video documentation.