Endeavor Snowboard Design is a Canadian snowboard company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was founded in 2002 by pro rider Max Jenke and Transworld Magazine staff photographer Scott Serfas with the mission of making the best snowboards in the world. For the past eight years, Endeavor has been dedicated to bringing art to snowboard design, working with top artists from all over the world. Snowboarders making snowboards for snowboarders.”

In September 2011 I came up to the Endeavor Snowboards’ design office to paint some custom installations, including the large ‘Cold Front’ mural on the outside of thier building. Meggs’ also offers up insights into the art scene and his inspirations.

The first in a series of content films Endeavor will be releasing this fall, Meggs captures the dedication of Endeavor Snowboards bringing art to snowboard design.