In July (2013) I partnered with Good Hood and not-for-profit food rescue organisation, FareShare  to work on a mural for their new HQ & now Australia’s largest charity kitchen.

The mural, Meggs’ most significant solo undertaking to date, took over ten days to complete. The artwork splices Meggs’ technically layered aesthetic with his animated pop cultural bravura and was a response to FareShare CEO, Marcus Godinho’s brief to encapsulate – in a non literal representation – the energy, responsiveness and innovative nature of how the organisation operates.

“Working with FareShare was a really positive experience for me” said Meggs. “Knowing that not only was I creating one of the largest solo murals I have ever completed, but also helping to beautify and promote such a worthy organisation for such positive, generous people was an incredible feeling. As a street/mural artist we spend a lot of unpaid hours creating our work for the community, so it was awesome to partner with people doing the same thing, but in a different way.”

Thanks to our partners MTNAustralia & production team Chris PhillipsAndre Gorgievski in the edit suite, bring our story M R S P K RMatt Arnold on visual effects and Matt Wood as our second camera and colourist – reliable, suportive and responsive as ever, and finally Luke McKinnon, our inimitable PR strategist and, well, guidance councillor.

And finally, a very special thank you to FareShare’s CEO, Marcus Godinho and David ‘Meggs’ Hooke for their support, talent and enthusiasm – we couldn’t have asked for better people to collaborate with.  Thank you for believing in the Good Hood!