I was selected as one of 5 ‘creative’ individuals to feature in New Balances campaign to re-launch the 574; the campaign followed each of us over the period of 3-4 months whilst we worked towards achieving a specific goal, a chapter in our personal life journeys so to speak. My goal was my first solo show ‘Inner Demons in London, UK’. The series was documented in a series of videos and photography by talented friends Lewis Mitchell & Josh Robenstone.

Above is part 3 of the four-part video series, the remaining 3 episodes can be seen here:
Meggs x NB574 – Part 1
Meggs x NB574 – Part 2
Meggs x NB574 – Part 4

“New Balance gives us a look into the lives of some of Australia’s most creative talent through a photography and documentary series called NB574MEGGS, a street and aerosol artist from Melbourne, is one of Australia’s most recognized street artists as well as a member of the infamous Everfresh Studio. He finds a balance in his art by creating a mash-up between the darker aspects of life and optimism. MEGGS’ distinguished and highly intricate designs can be found in cities all around the world. By referencing superheroes, villains, and sci-fi characters, he keeps our inner child alive and kicking.”


New Balance is a Performance Running Brand with 100 years heritage. Founded in Boston, USA, New Balance has remained culturally relevant through its single-minded focus on craftsmanship & imagination. Rather than chase celebrity endorsement, marketing hype and gimmicks, New Balance is celebrating artists who follow their own dreams and aspirations rather than following or chasing the latest trends.