The crew at Invurt Blog invited me to paint as part of the Prahran Aerosol Alley project in Dec 2012.
Heres some info form the Invurt blog below:

“The entire WSW crew was present (Conrad Bizjak, Heesco, P-Yeah, Jack Douglas, Hancock, Unwell Bunny and myself – minus Mysterious Al who was off in Thailand on a beach somewhere) but we invited down a whole bunch of people who we thought would enjoy a bit of an epic paint. Meggs, DVATE, Gent, S4beth, Porno, Askem, Presto, Eleven, Phoenix and Dcat all joined in on the action – a massive thanks to all of them for their time and amazing artwork, and to everyone else who helped out with the project.

There is currently a documentary being made of the entire project by Wayne Tindall and David Russell charting the progress of all three painting sessions over the past year or so (you can see part of the eventual doco from the first painting session here) – its going to be grand, and we’ll let you know when its coming out; the plan is to have a big festival in the laneway and carpark for its release.”

Photography by Meggs, David Russell @ Invurt & Dean Sunshine.